1-step smoothie

just add liquid!

Our superfood smoothie pucks are made with clean ingredients with a strong focus on functionality and simplicity.  Made with a variety of delicious organic fruits, organic greens and a blend of essential plant-based vitamins and minerals derived from whole fruits and vegetables, it’s the perfect smoothie in seconds- just blend or shake with liquid of choice.  


Mango + Coconut + banana

With greens, chia, and plant-based vitamins


Strawberry + Blueberry + Blackberry

With antioxidants, greens, and plant-based vitamins 

excellent source of immune supporting vitamins A, C + E


Peach + raspberry + banana

With acerola, chia, and plant-based vitamins

daily defenCTM

Pineapple + mango + peach

With plant-based vitamins


Endless ways to enjoy

power•berry MUFFINS

Where to buy

Found at 800+ of canada’s largest retailers