Our purpose

To provide our customers with an organic, highly nutritious and convenient solution for their daily smoothie routine.

Clean Ingredients

We are proud to use only 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients in all our products. We are also free of any sweeteners, artificial colours and flavours.


Our planet is our home. We are proud to have created a product that is tackling food waste through frozen pre-portioned pucks, packed with organic nutrients, veggies, and greens with a shelf life of 2 years.


We believe less is more. Our job is to take away the mess, prep and waste out of your daily smoothie routine and save you time for things that matter most in your life.


We choose all our ingredients with purpose and intention. That means creating formulas that feed both the mind, body, and soul.

Our story

Blender Bites was created to simplify the smoothie process, from minimizing harmful packaging to prep and clean up time. One morning, founder Chelsie realized how much time she was wasting on her morning smoothie routine. She felt guilty for throwing away kale that had gone bad in the fridge and grew frustrated with having a freezer full of plastic-wrapped frozen fruits.


She wanted a solution that would simplify her smoothie while offering the healthy ingredients she wanted. From there, the Blender Bites idea was born. Chelsie embarked on a mission to create a product that would offer her customers 100% organic, nutritious and detoxifying ingredients in an easy-to-use, pre-portioned format, without the use of any unnecessary inner plastic packaging.

Blender Bites is a win-win for my customers and the environment. I love being able to save people time in their busy days, all while nourishing them with high quality organic ingredients. As sustainability and the environment is a top priority for us, we are very proud to have created a product that is pre portioned yet eliminates unnecessary single use plastics.”

– Chelsie Hodge, BBA

our team

Chelsie Hodge, BBA

Founder & CEO

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Chelsie brings a unique skill set to the table with over a decade of working experience in the high-growth plant-based consumer packaged goods sector along with over fifteen years in capital market. Chelsie has held Sales and Business Development positions with industry disruptors such as VEGA along with Investor Relations roles for a variety of public company sectors. Most recently she acted as a consultant assisting with IPO transactions, M&A and capital raises.

The concept of “easy smoothie” was born in Chelsie’s kitchen, as a solution for an easy better for you alternative; eliminating the high costs of organic produce & vitamins while tackling the food waste issues involved in the normal smoothie preparation method. What started as an idea grew to a nationally distribution frozen good brand sold in many of Canada’s largest grocery chains. Chelsie helped pioneer the easy smoothie category, fundamentally changing the way consumers look & prepare smoothies. Aside from the impressive rapid distribution gains, Chelsie grew the company as a solo entrepreneur, recruiting her family & tapping into her strong industry connections for support on growing this brand to where it is today. She is passionate about start-ups and is also an investor herself; focusing on early-stage food companies working to make a difference in our food systems.

Chelsie has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of entrepreneurship from product development and manufacturing to sales and business development; making her a strong leader to take Blender Bites into International Markets.

Jess Evans

Director, Marketing & Sales

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Jess has vast experience working in high-growth health-focused CPGs companies within the plant-based sector such as Vega, WhiteWave, Danone NA, & Daiya Foods.

Jess brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on strategic consumer, category & strategic planning& selling across multiple emerging plant-based categories. She is known for driving brand growth, product & category development & management,and large-scale consumer-centric marketing activations.

Jess has always focused on launching products with a consumer-first mindset; receiving awards & acknowledgments such a Product of the Year, Most Trusted within Category & numerous other innovative & best tasting awards on mass publications such as People’s Food Award.



Calling all investors

Invest in the future of frozen functional foods. Blender Bites is a new category of smoothies with a competitive edge.