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Our Story

Blender Bites was created to simplify the smoothie process, from minimizing harmful packaging to prep and clean up time.

From my kitchen to yours

“I created the 1-Step Smoothie as a way to simplify and save time when making my daily smoothies. I was tired of spinach & kale going bad in my fridge before I could use all my smoothie ingredients, so I started making pre-portioned pucks to save time and waste.

It’s an absolute joy to share my organic, no-waste, easy & extremely delicious, nutrient-packed smoothie hack with you. I hope it allows you to reclaim a bit more time for the things you love too!”


Chelsie, Founder

Why I created Blender Bites

AWaRd WInNinG TAste & ConvEnIEnCE


AbOut Blender Bites

To provide our customers with an organic, highly nutritious and convenient solution for their daily smoothie routine.


EndLess ways to enjoy

Sweet treats


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